Title Loans
with MaxCash

Use your car to get the money you need when you qualify for a title loan!

Our Easy Title Loan Process

Step 1

Fill out a quick information form, or give us a call and we can go over your info that way.

Step 2

Talk to your MaxCash representative about your different title loan options.

Step 3

Feel the financial freedom that comes when you find your title loan through MaxCash!

How the Title Loan Process Works

To get started and see if you qualify, fill out our quick and easy pre-approval web form. The form consists of a couple personal questions and will tell us about yourself and your vehicle.

Once completed, our knowledgeable team will look over the information and let the inquirer know if they have a good chance of securing a loan. Using the information, we can figure out what lenders will work best with the inquirer and connect them to a specific loan company.

Rarely, we may know the pre-approved amount and if asked by the lender, help you through the process of securing a loan. But this doesn’t happen often. Under normal circumstances, the details of the loan you are approved for will be private and unknown to us.

If approved, the lender contacts a potential borrower, they will be quote the maximum number they can loan you. A borrower doesn’t have to accept the full price, if they choose they may undertake a smaller amount. Along with the loan value, a lender will quote an interest rate. The duration request is decided by the borrower and the lender. Monthly payments will be based on the loan duration, interest rate amount, and the principal.

But if both parties agree to the loan terms, the lender will verify the condition of the car and check the odometer. The inquirer will then be placed as a lien holder on the title until the vehicle title loan is paid off.

MaxCash: What We Do

We Do the Hard Work

We know how hard it is to find reliable and trustworthy service. Researching any kind of service provider can be tedious and frustrating. Let us do all that work for you.

We Make the Calls

We know how dreadful phone calls can be. But we make all of the calls so you don’t have to! MaxCash works tirelessly on the behalf of our clients.

We Organize Everything

MaxCash organizes all of the documentation, so clients don’t have to worry about keeping track of all of the paperwork that comes with acquiring a loan.

We Update the Client

We maintain transparency and honesty throughout the process. We’re proud of the way we’re able to educate our clients throughout the loan search.

What Do Inquirers Need?

A government issued photo ID

A working car title in your name

Pictures of your car

Proof of insurance

Social security card, or number

Proof of income

What Are Title Loans?

Car title loans offer drivers the ability to get the emergency money they need and keep driving their cars. When people are hit with a financial disaster, title loans can grant them the emergency money they need.

Title Loans are a specific type of secured loan. Borrowers use their car as collateral by giving the lender their car title. This type of loan is low risk for the lender because they are guaranteed their money back. This means that title loan lenders may be able to offer inquirers higher loan amounts, along with affordable interest rates and terms.

Car title loans can offer people peace of mind by helping them secure the money they need to pay those unexpected bills. And when compared to other types of loans, car title loans offer faster service.

There are many benefits to acquiring a car title loan. So if you have a car and are in need of a secured loan, let MaxCash find you a compatible lender that will offer you the emergency money you need.

What we Provide Our Clients

Free Service

You may be wondering what we charge for our helpful services. And the answer is nothing! We’re a free loan assistance provider that delivers free service, information, and comparisons. After all, we make our customers our first priority.

Speedy Service

We are known for our quick service. We understand that your time is important, so we work hard to make your initial phone call as informative and quick as possible. Get started in just a few minutes.

Low Credit Okay

We often offer our services to people with low credit. Lenders more often than not use credit scores to determine approval. We can pair clients up with an appropriate lender that takes more into account than just a credit score.

Vetted Lenders

We vet all of the lenders we work with, and if our customers tell us a loan company is no good, we’ll drop them. It’s that simple. At MaxCash, we’re a close-knit family and we consider our customers to be a part of that family.

How a Car is Valued

The loan value that a person can acquire for a car depends on several factors. There are five main aspects that a lender will look into. These include the car make, model, year, and the mileage.

If any trim packages or design features have been added, a person’s car value may be reduced and be cause for disqualification from a car title loan. But don’t be discouraged if you pimped your ride. Let a MaxCash agent know of any added features and see if we can still match you with a lender.

The VIN number of the vehicle in question may also play a part in determining the value of the car. It’s best to have this number handy in order to get an accurate loan value.

MaxCash compiles a list of car makes and models to help loan inquirers better determine how much their cars are eligible for.

Don’t navigate those financial waters alone. At MaxCash we have the experience and the know-how to help customers through the process of acquiring a loan. Allow us the opportunity to take away the stress of finding a lender and comparing dozens of rates. And while you payoff that loan, we’ll be right here to answer any questions or concerns. We’re in this together.


This word holds many different meanings to different people. To us, excellence means striving to be one of the most supportive and successful loan services in the United States. Being successful means providing accurate information and helpful resources so that inquirers can get matched up with a lender that will help them get the emergency money they need.


Our team of financial advisors are known for providing friendly and exceptional service. After all, we aim to please. At MaxCash, we are the advocates for people that need help on their search for an affordable loan. We’re honest and direct, this means that we’ll keep you informed throughout the process.


We make sure to encourage our clients and provide a positive loan inquiry experience. We know that the title loan industry is intimidating, especially for people inquiring about a loan for the first time. But we offer our clients financial resources and a guiding hand. It’s ok not to know anything about finances, that’s why MaxCash offers this free service. We want to help people get back on their feet.


We provide loan assistance to help inquirers achieve the financial strength they need. MaxCash does the heavy lifting so others don’t have to. The only things our clients should worry about are what they want to use the emergency money for and what they want to achieve.


We help people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. We have the highest regard for age, gender, religion, sexuality, and race. We could never turn anyone away based on their background. We aim to provide the same financial assistance to anyone that’s interested.


MaxCash is there for every single one of our clients. We are here to provide financial resources, expertise, guidance, and a lending ear to help as many people as we can. With a supportive attitude and a joke or two, we hope to provide the support our clients need to better understand the title loan industry.


We try and build a sense of community in our office. Our employees are like family, and we treat our clients as such. We’re all in this together and we hope to continue helping people grow. We have partnered with several organizations throughout the years because we believe in building and encouraging a strong community.

Our Mission

Every company has a mission statement. And that statement says a lot about what the company values and what they stand for.

Our mission statement is:


At MaxCash, our mission means we provide first rate loan assistance services with honesty and professionalism. We value our clients, lenders, and community for which we have the utmost respect.

Our principal goal is to serve our clients effectively and satisfactorily.


In addition to upholding our mission throughout the Title Loan process, MaxCash also offers:

  • Premier Customer Service - we have a friendly and knowledgeable team of trained loan processors that work hard on our client’s behalf. We are open 7 days a week and work extended hours to better accommodate people interested in immediate support.
  • Total Transparency - at MaxCash we choose to be different by disclosing important information. We’re open and honest with people. Integrity means something to us, after all we place high importance on being ethical and fair to our customers.