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What is MaxCash.Com?

MaxCash.Com is an online broker that connects users with the best deal on a loan. With fast and efficient service, many users have received their financial assistance through MaxCash as soon as the next day.5

How Do I Use MaxCash.Com?

To get started with the MaxCash process, pick which kind of financial assistance you are looking for. Next, fill out a brief MaxCash information request, and you will know almost instantly if you are approved. From there, MaxCash will connect you with your matched lender, who will provide you with your loan.

Is My Information Safe on MaxCash.Com?

YES! MaxCash has a sophisticated encrypted network that keeps your information confidential from other users, hackers, and electronic thieves. When you submit your information to MaxCash.Com online, it goes straight to our secured system. Furthermore, MaxCash will never sell, distribute, or give away your personal details or financial information.

Is MaxCash.Com legal?

YES! MaxCash.Com operates within the legal parameters of United States constitutional law regarding financial brokering. MaxCash.Com is an official financial institution with proper legal licensing to perform financial brokering operations.

What Products Does Offer?

MaxCash offers fast and convenient brokering services for the following products:


How Does MaxCash.Com Make Money?

MaxCash doesn’t make money until you make money! We work with many reputable lending partners to meet your needs first. When we find clientele that meets their needs and yours, they pay us to help you! We don’t need your money, we just want to help you find solutions to your financial problems!

Does MaxCash.Com charge an Application Fee?

NO! MaxCash allows you to inquire about financial assistance through several products, completely free of charge. MaxCash is not required to direct you toward any particular lender, so we make sure to connect you with the best deal possible.5

Are there Obligations to using a Broker for the Products offered with MaxCash.Com?

NO! MaxCash won’t continue with the process until you feel comfortable. Even after you have submitted your information, you are free and clear to choose not to proceed if, for any reason, you should find yourself no longer in need of financial assistance.

What Documents Do I Need?

When you connect with your direct lender, they will inform you of all the documentation required to follow through with your loan.


Why is a Broker Better than a Bank or Shopping Around Myself?

When you work with MaxCash, you cut out the hours or even days of research it can take to look at all the possible lenders available. MaxCash has a readily available network of lenders we can access through our system.

Also, you can get special deals with some of our lenders only if you work with MaxCash. So, when you get your finances with the help of MaxCash, you can actually get more money for less.

Can I get a Loan on Sunday?

YES! MaxCash is open every day from 6am-9pm, even on Sunday. Many of the exceptional lenders in your official network also have open business hours and perform services on Sundays as well.

While we cannot guarantee the lender you are connected with is open on Sunday, it is a definite possibility. Remember, you can always work with MaxCash any day of the week.

Can you Contact Your Direct Lender if you use a Broker?

YES! When you are approved through MaxCash, we will connect you with the most qualified lender available.5 From there, you can work with your lender directly and communicate with them on your own if you like.

What States does MaxCash Service?

MaxCash products and services are available throughout the United States, but the particular lending and brokering laws that MaxCash must abide by vary from state to state. Check with your local laws to see if the product you are searching for through MaxCash is permitted in your state.