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A Payday Loan is a common way to get essential funding when you need it!

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MaxCash Wants to Help you with Payday Loans

Sometimes people can find themselves in the midst of financial chaos. Due to an unforeseen bill or unfortunate set of circumstances, a person’s finances may become unstable.

And that’s ok! Many people aren’t able to always save aside funds for a financial emergency. After all, people aren’t constantly waiting for financial ruin to happen to them. But unfortunately, these things can happen.

So where does a person start to look for help? Trying to find out how to best go about looking for a loan can be stressful and overwhelming. There is a lot of information that an inquirer should know when deciding on a lender.

Going about deciding on a lender can be tricky. But did you know that it’s possible to leave all the heavy lifting and scouting to someone else? That’s right.

MaxCash is a financial assisting company that helps connect people to a lender. The best part about our service, is that it’s free!

What MaxCash Offers You

Free Service

Our services are completely free!

Customer Service

We are open 7 days a week for you.


We disclose the entire loan process to our clients.

What do you Need for a Payday Loan?

Government Issued for of Photo ID

Proof of Income

Social Security Number

What is a Payday Loan?

Payday loans, or cash advance, are short-term loans available for people that need quick cash in a hurry. Borrowers write a post-dated check to the lender in exchange for cash loan.

The loan values for payday loans are designed for people that are looking for a small loan in a jiffy. Generally speaking, the average loan value for a payday loan is $350. A lot of states cap the principal at $500, so check to see what your state’s laws on payday loans are.

Payday loans have a higher approval rate than other types of loans. For this reason, a lot of people use Payday loans to cover an unexpected financial emergency with convenient cash disbursement.

These types of loans can be acquired online, and there are numerous payday lenders to choose from. But which lender to choose? MaxCash does the work by scouting payday lenders and connecting them to our clients based on what they can offer.

What MaxCash Does For You

We Make the Calls

We know how dreadful phone calls can be. But we make all of the calls so you don’t have to! MaxCash works tirelessly on the behalf of our clients. We communicate on a daily basis with tons of lenders and we are continually asking the tough questions.

We Answer Every Question

If a client wants to know how something works, or if they have a question about the loan process, we would love to answer it! We learn something new every day and we love sharing our financial knowledge. Our goal is to help people better understand and comprehend finances.

We Organize Everything

MaxCash organizes all of the documentation, so clients don’t have to worry about keeping track of all of the paperwork that comes with acquiring a loan. All of the client’s information is securely stored and is only ever used to help them look for lenders and match them.

We Update The Client

No matter which step we are in the search for a suitable loan, we will keep the client updated. We maintain transparency and honesty throughout the process. We’re proud of the way we’re able to educate our clients throughout the loan search. After all, we want our clients to be financially savvy.

How We Can Help You

MaxCash works as a financial loan advisor. We work with numerous loan companies and we know how to ask the hard questions. We know that finances can be confusing, and acquiring a loan can be an intimidating prospect. After all, loan companies have a horrible reputation for being swindlers.

But at MaxCash, we know finances. In fact, we love finances. People can be good at many different things, our thing is understanding loan processes and knowing how to haggle.

We aren’t afraid of talking to lenders on the phone and asking them all kinds of important questions. We do it so often we have acquired an invaluable amount of financial knowhow.

So why pick out brains and let us see what we can do! MaxCash provides free loan guidance to those that aren’t afraid to ask for help.


Excellence means striving to achieve greatness. MaxCash works extremely hard so that our clients don’t have to. We are currently one of the top loan assistance services in the nation. But that’s not enough for us. We want to use our knowledge to further help others and become the most sought after providers of loan services.


Our team of educated and funny financial advisors work tirelessly to help others find affordable loans and reliable lenders. MaxCash aims to provide excellent service and exceed our client’s expectations. After all, our clients mean everything to us. We aim to please.


We encourage our clients to seek other loan assistance providers if they find our services lacking. But we’re confident in our financial strategy and expertise in finding our clients amazing lenders and loans. At MaxCash, we have helped over 400,000 people and we aim to help more.


We conduct our services to help those in need of financial strength. We know that emergency money can help people out of a tough financial situation. Money can make all the difference between thriving and falling short. So at MaxCash we work hard to find our clients loans that will provide them with the emergency money they need.


We help people from all kinds of different backgrounds, social classes, and ethnicities. Financial disasters can occur to anyone and we are willing those that need us. We embrace everyone and make it our mission to hold the upmost respect for our clients.


Our customer service team is made up of compassionate and brilliant people. We are free to answer every question, concern, or simply just to talk. MaxCash works daily to provide our clients with the valuable information they want. We uphold a positive and educational atmosphere in our office, and love hearing from our clients.


We treat our employees like family because in truth, some are. We have a small team of unique individuals and they are all close to one another. We extend our friendly sense of community to our clients and make them feel every bit as welcome.

Our values are a true reflection of what we consider important and what we hold dear. MaxCash is more than just a professional service, we are a family of compassionate individuals. We understand that people may need assistance looking for a lender and then negotiating an affordable loan with good terms. But we offer our financial services so that the only thing a client has to worry about is whether they want to accept a loan offer or not.