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Did you know MaxCash offers Credit Cards too? Credit cards with MaxCash could be a convenient way to make essential purchases when cash isn’t immediately available.

Our Easy Credit Card Process

Step 1

Gather your documents and fill out our No-Obligation Inquiry form to see if a credit card with MaxCash is right for you

Step 2

With a few documents showing proof of Identity and all sources of income, we can get you started!

Step 3

Talk to one of our representatives to finalize your account details and see if you have been approved!

What Makes up a MaxCash Credit Card?

MaxCash is excited to bring you not only loans, but a different kind of lending as well. MaxCash also offers different lines of credit, or simply put, a credit card. A credit card account is an agreement between you and a financial group where you will pay them back in monthly increments. The account stays open as long as payments are current and the terms of your agreement are not violated.

Just like other lines of credit and other lending options out there, credit card balances acquire interest on what is due. The higher the interest rate, the larger the percentage of your credit card balance will be charged with interest. However, also understand that many credit cards (depending on where you get it from) only charge interest if you fail to pay back the amount you spent before the due date.

Here’s a good example on what happens when you pay with a credit card.

You want to spend money on a necessary home repairs that would cost about $1,500. However, you know that $1,500 is not in your budget. A credit card allows you to pay for those repairs today, and then pay it off over time in whatever amounts you can afford via the credit card’s payment plan. Typically, a credit card has a minimum payment the borrower must pay back each month, but it is possible to pay more than the minimum payment if you want to get rid of the balance faster. That way not only will your overall balance be less, but that is also less money that goes towards calculating the interest rate—meaning the faster you pay off a credit card balance, the lower the interest rates will become over time.

Benefits of a Credit Card


In addition to enabling the purchase of items now, it also allows a person to carry less cash and to order out of online stores, especially if you don’t have a debit card.

Emergency Protection

Credit cards can be a perfect way to pay for things like car repairs, health care or any number of other things that need to be paid for when access to savings or checking accounts is not possible.


Credit cards may also be a good way of keeping a detailed record of spending via online account services and email statements.


If a credit card is lost or stolen, you can cancel the credit card, and many companies offer security services that will let you know when someone else may be using your card.

What Can you Put On Credit?

Travel Expenses

Sudden Repairs

Smaller Purchases or Holiday Gifts

Reoccurring expenses

What Are Qualifying Factors of Credit Cards

Age and Income

If you're at least 18 years old and have a regular source of income, you are well on your way to qualifying for a credit card. However, even though you may receive many invitations and special offers from credit card companies in the mail, many companies want to know other financial information that will make you a good candidate for the card, such as what your credit score is.

Credit History and Score

If you've financed a car loan or other purchase, you likely have some record at a credit reporting bureau. This credit history shows how responsible you've been in paying your bills and helps the credit card issuer decide how much credit to extend.

How MaxCash Wants to Help you With Credit Cards

Among all the resources we provide like mortgages, car loans and personal loans, we would love to let you know that we can be there when you want to take the hassle out of looking for the loan choice that fits your credit score and other financial info. That’s why if you go to our online inquiry form and fill out all the proper information, we’d be happy to take that weight off your shoulders!

What’s even better is that we also offer several other tools when it comes to looking for credit cards when you come to MaxCash.

  • We have a rate calculator that will help you know what to expect from a certain loan or credi card!
  • We offer a wide variety of resource articles that highlight information in being a smarter borrower.
  • Check our contact page to see how you can reach us and ask about credit cards and what we can do to help!

Now that you have an idea of what we can do for you, we want to tell you more of why we do what we do! We adhere to a strong mission of doing what’s right to help the most important people: You!


We want to be the best financial representative out there and we stride for that every day with great customer service and information that helps people who need that financial understanding, as well as the choices that could be found from debt consolidation loans.


From the search to the final decision, we are there every step of the way!.


We always promote a positive atmosphere within our work space, and we extend that encouragement of positivity to all our customers. With our resources and open communication, we provide that encouragement that could make anyone feel confident when pursuing loans or dealing with a variety of financial situations.


We get the best of the best to help do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to loans and advice that could help anyone in need of our help.


We embrace all in the spectrum of humanity, with highest regard to age, sex, religion, race, and sexuality. We deal with people from various financial backgrounds, and we hope we do our best to help everyone that comes to us!


MaxCash offers real support. Think of us as a friend or a family member that is willing to work for anyone when it comes questions on debt consolidation loans, as well as the process of getting one!


We have partnered with several organizations over the years because we understand that as a growing business, building and encouraging a strong community is what makes us better people. We work harder and communicate with others to create a place of great service and helpful individuals.

We at MaxCash will always continue to adhere our mission of being one human helping another! Apply online through our inquiry form or call us today to see how we guide people on to the path of financial coaching and debt consolidation.

Here are some other benefits that you will have at your disposal as a MaxCash customer:

  • Communication through multiple channels: Whether over the phone or online, connect with us so we can help you with whatever financial questions you may have, as well as any financial advice.

  • Customer service you can count on: We have experienced representatives that can get your questions answered about finances or debt consolidation loans.

  • Always there when you need us: We work days and nights to ensure that we are there when we are needed!

  • We don’t just do credit cards: We have experience in all kinds of loans, and we are happy to offer our guiding hands if someone decides to get other kinds of loans, or just wants to know about finances through our resources!

The best part about all of this is the cost and value of financial coaching and other services through MaxCash won’t hurt anyone’s wallet, because it’s all free! That’s correct! We at MaxCash offer everything one could expect in terms of financial resource articles, communications and loan information without you paying a single penny.