6 Valentine’s Day Ideas To Earn Or Save Extra Cash

These 6 Ideas Can Save (Or Earn) You Extra Money

Happy Valentine’s Day! And to help you celebrate, we here at Max Cash have found 6 fun ways to either save or earn a little extra money for your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Read on to see how you can make the holiday a little more “wallet friendly” this year.

3 Ideas To Save Money This Year

This first set of ideas explains three ways to save money on Valentine’s Day and how to help grow your relationship instead of just spending money. And as Ben Franklin said, a penny saved is a penny earned. So go on and save (and earn) those pennies!

1. Dine In Instead Of Going Out

A candle stuck into an old bottle of wine, and a freshly chilled newly opened bottle of wine proves just as romantic at home as they do at a restaurant. And restaurants have become very expensive lately, due to inflation and other factors. So why not stay at home and enjoy a nice (and much less expensive) candle lit dinner?

You can expect the average cost of a Valentine’s Day dinner to hit an estimated $192.80! Even a nice bottle of wine, depending on your taste and budget, shouldn’t set you back even a quarter of that. So skip the rush and likely lousy service, and stay in with a nice meal with your partner. You can even cook it together as a nice way to celebrate! Provided either of you can cook. If not, maybe order in then?

2. Plan A Day Or Activity Together

Rather than travel or go to a spa, planning to spend the day together can offer much more meaning for a couple. Time well spent together matters more than how much you spend. So depending on what you both like to do, you could choose from a lot of different activities or plans for a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

A hike or picnic can prove great for the outdoorsy types. Or just the picnic part, if you don’t feel like a lot of walking. A cheeky idea that references one of our earlier articles would involve going to the store and rather than buying a card, reading through them together and picking out your favorite to show each other. Then you just leave without buying any of them. That certainly saves you money, as cards seem to keep getting more and more expensive!

3. Make A More Meaningful Gift Yourself

The thought should count more than the gift itself, and especially more than the price of said gift. So a gift that you make would definitely have more thought put into it by definition. Rather than just picking something and paying for it, making something proves that not only did you consider what they would want but thought about how to create it.

This depends entirely on what your partner likes, of course. And you should know that better than anyone, right? So just think about what they would like and what you can do. Some ideas to get you started include making them a card if you aren’t as cheap as the entry above. Or homemade food and chocolate almost always put a smile on someone’s face. Just give it a shot, and you’ll probably find that this gift will end up more cherished than even the most expensive store-bought item.

3 Ideas To Make Extra Money

These last ideas explain how to make a little extra money on Valentine’s Day. If saving a penny is good, then actually earning more pennies has to be better, right?

4. Drive For A Ride-Sharing Service

Holidays often have the most traffic, and you can take advantage of that by driving for Uber or Lyft. (We mentioned this in an earlier article you may be interested in.) This makes it easier to make even more money, as they tend to up the rates on peak days and times. Valentine’s Day certainly counts for that.

Your car has to be fairly new and in good condition, but this makes a relatively simple and easy way to make some extra money on the holiday. And in general, for that matter. So if you have a free night and a decent car, you can drive for one of these companies and make pretty good money doing it. With an average rate of $18 an hour, you can expect to earn more on Valentine’s with higher rates and possibly higher tips!

5. Sell Unused Giftcards Online

If you have any unused gift cards sitting around, you can sell them or exchange them on sites like GiftCash and CardCash. (This marks another idea we already have listed in another article.) With sites like these, you can sell them outright or exchange them for a gift card at a store you will use. And that is practically the same as cash, right?

You can get up to 93% of the value on GiftCash, but the usual range is 70% to 80%. You can get the full value when you exchange a card rather than sell it, though. So you should remember that when deciding what you want to do with your old gift card.

6. Sell Homemade Crafts

This connects to the last way to save money. Rather than just make a homemade gift or bouquet for your partner, you can sell them to other people to give to their sweethearts. If you know how to make heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, you can help grow the more than 36 million boxes sold every year! And who doesn’t love homemade chocolate? Maybe if it is bad, but we won’t talk about my cooking skills.

A lot of ideas work here, depending on your skills and level of commitment. You could make special cards, small gift ideas, or crafts with a Valentine’s theme. Or food always works as a good idea for just about any holiday.

Max Cash Can Get You Extra Money When You Need It!

If none of these ideas work and you still need to earn extra money, Max Cash has you covered! We offer a variety of loan products and even cash advances from our many partners. So if you need a little extra to make your special someone’s day a little bit more special, we can help. Start an application today to get the money you need for the holiday. If pre-approved, you could have your money in as little as 24 hours. Max Cash works hard to connect qualified borrowers to the right loan product.5

By Jordan Radcliff

Jordan is a writer for Max Cash who covers a wide range of topics, including personal loans, credit scores, and side hustles.