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Refinancing your Personal Loan could be a great way to save on interest, or even get better terms!

Our Easy Personal Loan Refinance Process

Step 1

Use our website to send in your information, or give a call over the phone!

Step 2

Speak with your MaxCash representative about your Personal Loan Refinance options.

Step 3

Enjoy the perks that come from working with MaxCash for your Personal Loan Refinance!

MaxCash: Who Are We?

MaxCash is a free service that provides the loan assistance that people need.

The financial loan industry can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. We understand this, which is why MaxCash was created. We wanted to help people get better deals on a loan, and avoid getting caught up in legal jargon.

Aside from acquiring a new loan, we also help people who are looking to refinance their loans. If someone is stuck facing high monthly payments, outrageous interest rates, and lackluster customer service, we may be able to help.

MaxCash performs all of the work when it comes to looking for a loan. Instead of having to call dozens of loan companies to acquire quotes, let us do it! We have built relationships with several loan companies throughout the nation, and we can ask for better deals. At no charge!

What MaxCash Wants to Give You

Fast Pre-Approval

In some cases, people are approved and get their money as soon as the next day!


At MaxCash we do a lot for our clients, and we want them to know about it.

Vetted Lenders

All of the lenders that we work with have been vetted by us.

What do you Need for a Payday Loan?

Government Issued for of Photo ID

Proof of Income

Previous Personal Loan Information

Other Requested Documents

History of MaxCash

MaxCash started helping people back in 2008. The company was formed by friends and family members with financial backgrounds and a knack for helping those in need.

They noticed a demand for financial assistance and decided to provide that service themselves. For free! MaxCash helps people in their search for a loan by calling lenders, haggling, and presenting the best deals to the clients.

We are able to offer our services for free because we make our money through other means. MaxCash advertises for lenders so that they can acquire quality customers. Our clients have been vetted by us, and lenders know this.

Ways to Pay off Your Loan Faster

Pay More Than The Minimum

Paying more than the minimum payment each month can greatly affect a borrower’s payoff date. This can be easily done by rounding up the loan payment. For example, if a borrower’s monthly installment is $138.93, they could try to pay an even $150.

Avoid Paying Late Fees

If a payment is missed, there will undoubtedly be a late fee. Having to pay more than is already agreed upon, can greatly prolong the payoff date. Try to make payments on time to avoid paying more in the long run.

Cut Down On Unnecessary Payments

There are always things to cut back on. Do you really need that music app, or all of those streaming services? Saving a little money here and there can make a big difference when it comes to paying off a Personal Loan Refinance.

Calculate Payoff Date

Checking the balance of a loan every couple months can greatly motivate a borrower. Seeing the loan amount keep decreasing and the payoff date approaching can motivate someone to pay a little more and keep hustling.

MaxCash and Personal Loan Refinancing for You

At MaxCash we make sure to do all the work so that people aren’t frustrated or stressing out. After all, the process of finding lenders and then receiving a quote from them can be tedious and time consuming. We know that some people may not even be aware of what it is they should be asking.

That’s why we’ve taken all the guesswork out of finding a loan. Let us do all of the hard work, so that you don’t have to.


Excellence means striving to achieve the best loans for our clients and providing the support our clients may need. MaxCash has earned the title of the number one loan processing service in the nation! We’re proud of all of our hard work, but are always motivated to do more.


Our customer service team is unmatched by any other loan processor. We make the process as easy to understand as it is to follow. We’re open seven days a week, and have extended hours. The customer is our first priority, and we make sure to treat them like such.


We encourage people to be financially successful. We do this by helping them secure the emergency monetary funds they need to get out of a financial rut. We also encourage them to pay their loans off quicker, so that they can be debt free.


Finances can be difficult to understand and harder to maintain. We offer the financial strength of a loan to help our clients stabilize their finances. We know that money can make the difference between thriving and not. So we work hard to provide the ground for them to stand on.


We help people with every type of sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, or race. MaxCash has the utmost respect for people, that’s why we started the company. We wanted to provide everyone with the ability to receive the emergency money they need in a crisis.


We support our clients in many ways. We do all of the hard work for them, we connect them to lenders, we answer every question and concern. We make sure that our clients feel supported throughout the process of securing a loan.


We consider our clients to be a part of our community. We treat clients like family, meaning we extend the same level of compassion and understanding as we would each other.

Our MaxCash Mission

Every company has a mission statement, and ours is the following:


MaxCash is comprised of our loan processors and our clients. We started this business to help other people, and we make it our business to provide the support and financial guidance our clients need. We’re everyday people helping others understand the nuances of the financial loan industry.