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A mortgage is a way to help with the initial expense of buying a home. Find yours through MaxCash!

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Fill out your information online on the MaxCash homepage, or call us!

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Mortgages and MaxCash

So, from all the leg work and hard-to-manage language that can come with understanding what makes a good mortgage, finding one may already seem hard. There are just so much that lenders tend to offer for a mortgage. Luckily, hands can be found everywhere, but you deserve so much more, especially if you are buying your first home.

Well guess what? You have certainly come to the right place!

We at MaxCash consider ourselves that neighbor that may help you find the mortgage product you need. But hold your brakes! Before we can help you, let’s get you really understanding what we may do for you in terms of mortgages.

Perks of Using MaxCash to Find your Mortgage

Efficient Service

Get what you need when you need it with MaxCash.

Helpful Support

There are MaxCash representatives waiting to help you seven days a week!


MaxCash is here to give it.

Classifications of Mortgages

Fixed rate or adjustable rate

Purchase or refinance

Prime or sub-prime

Government or conventional

Construction or permanent

Traditional (forward) or reverse

Mortgages with MaxCash

Purchasing your first home is a huge step. You need to research where you plan to live, and what kind of housing suits your needs. When looking to make that decision of getting a home, a mortgage is definitely something you don’t have to take on your own. A mortgage is used to pay for a home when you don’t have all the funds to cover the cost. There can be a lot to look out for when it comes to finding the right mortgage for you, let MaxCash help you out.

A Mortgage Relies on Several Factors

Interest Rates

The interest rate largely depends on a lot of things and are usually adjusted based on a credit score. The lower the score, the harder it can be to shoot for a lower interest rate on a mortgage. But don’t worry, we at MaxCash look at any financial information given to us through our online inquiry form and browse through our large selection of lenders to find the best one that fits your specific needs when it comes to mortgages.


These tend be hard to spot and could include pre-payment penalties and even charging for services like printing out certain documents for “convenience.” These could end up piling up on your mortgage, and make it cost more than it should. That’s why when you get our assistance at MaxCash, you could always ask us about our expertise on hidden fees and educate yourself on the choices you make in lenders.

Down Payment

One thing that people may neglect is how much they end up paying for on the down payment of a mortgage, but we don’t blame them. With so many documents to sign and so many services to organize, the down payment seems like the least of one’s concerns. That’s when you’re wrong, and another reason you should let us at MaxCash do the hard looking for you when it comes to find a mortgage lender.

What to do Before Inquiring About a Mortgage Loan

Once you figure out what you want out of a mortgage and mortgage program, we will do the heavy-lifting and organizing the information you have filled out on our online inquiry form, and guide you to mortgage lenders that we feel may be right for you.

When it comes to looking for a mortgage, we at MaxCash want to be there for you every step of the way. When comparing all your mortgage program choices, we think you should be able to see the same information come out of every lender.

Now that you have an idea of what we can do for you, we want to tell you more of why we do what we do! We adhere to a strong mission of doing what’s right to help the most important person that we work with in MaxCash. Here’s a hint: That person is you!


Our main goal is achieving near-perfection in providing our financial services and to be the best at it in the entire country! We do this with an easy to navigate site, as well as important resources that you may need when brushing up on mortgages.


We work hard every day and night to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, as well as the lenders that we have established strong connections with. In all aspects of their loan process, we are with you every step of the way.


We always promote a positive atmosphere in which all individuals are encouraged to learn, improve and excel and to become leaders in the loan industry, financial services business and civic communities. We want to make sure that you come out of a loan process with more confidence and understanding that will lead to better financial decisions on your mortgage.


We conduct our affairs to provide the financial strength and growth necessary to attract and keep the highest quality officers and staff that do the heavy lifting for you. Not to mention that we want to get you thinking more about the things you want to achieve, and the strong funding that could get you there with a better mortgage!


We encourage diversity among our members and respect for differences among us. We embrace all in the spectrum of humanity, with highest regard to age, sex, religion, race, and sexuality. Everybody deserves the help that we offer in researching and determining what mortgages could be right for you!


We work daily to enhance the supportive attitude, common bond and collective sense of humor — the special working atmosphere — which is a hallmark of our firm. MaxCash may sound like serious business, but that’s only when it comes to dedicating our hard work in finding that mortgage for you!


We will pursue our belief that individuals with a sense of humor, family and community and with interests outside the company are better for it. We have partnered with several different organizations over the years because we understand that as a growing business, building and encouraging a strong community is what makes us all better people that work harder and better.

MaxCash Wants to Help you Find the Best Mortgage that Works for You!

All the foundations in our mission were established to make MaxCash what it is today. We continue to adhere our mission of being one human helping another, and we hope to strive for that perfection with respect and dignity!

The MaxCash mission is to provide high quality service that will help you find plenty of mortgage options. We also pride ourselves on our professionalism and respect for our clients, as well as our lenders that we connect you to.

In doing so, we recognize that our principal goal is to serve you in finding the right funding. Experience counts, and we have years of it from serving hundreds of customers. Let MaxCash help you navigate the waters of mortgages and loans today!