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Having Insurance is a great way to feel secure with your finances, and so much more!

The Easy Insurance Process

Step 1

Fill out your information online, or simply give us a call!

Step 2

Talk to your MaxCash representative about your Insurance needs, and options.

Step 3

Get the plan that’s right for you and feel secure knowing you are covered!

What MaxCash Does

The first services we offered were loan assistance services that enabled us to help individuals struggling to find emergency funding by matching them to lenders with the best deals for their unique situation. We find the best lenders, negotiate for lower interest rates – and lead them to our high-quality clientele. Over time, we’ve added informative and educational resources on varying financial matters for our clients’ benefit at no cost. And are now adding insurance assistance services to our arsenal. We are more excited than ever for all the new ways we are further supporting our loyal clients in all of their financial endeavors.

Benefits of Having Insurance

Spend your Money Where it Matters

There is usually a fee for not having insurance, so you’ll have to pay anyway. Might as well pay for the actual insurance itself!

Keep You and Your Loved Ones Covered

In case of an accident, it is good to know that you and your loved ones are covered. Get insurance and feel secure!

Reasons to Get Insurance

Coverage in Case of Emergencies

Avoid Financial Hassles During Stressful Times

Peace of Mind Knowing You are Covered

The MaxCash Goal

From the beginning, we made a decision to forego charging our clients for these services. You shouldn’t have to pay for great financial support and guidance. When first establishing our business, we made it so that we would make all our money by advertising to lenders and insurance companies. The companies we advertise to are looking for low-risk and high-quality customers like our clients. Just like we research lenders before matching them to you, we offer potential customers to lenders who have already been vetted by us. This causes various lenders and insurance companies to offer you far better deals than you’d be able to find on your own without MaxCash.

Our goal in working with you is to make your financial life as stress-free as possible. Whether that means finding you the best rates and terms on a loan, offering you free educational resources, or finding you the best insurance providers – we want to do that for you.

Rely on MaxCash for all your financial support needs!

4 Most Important Insurance to Have

Health Insurance

Probably the most important insurance on this list, health insurance is necessary to ensure you are covered if any illness or accident should befall you. As of 2018, there is no longer a government instated mandate that requires everyone uninsured pay a fine. However, you will end up paying in the long run if you don’t have health insurance coverage because every single health cost you pay will be sky-high.

Life Insurance

This kind of insurance is one that people don’t like to think about too. No one wants to think about the possibility of death for themselves or anyone in their family. A lot of Americans who would benefit greatly from life insurance don’t have it because they don’t think they’ll end up needing it. But, in truth, life insurance is extremely important to have if you have a spouse or children that are at least partially dependent upon your salary to cover their expenses.

Home/Rental Insurance

If you have a mortgage, then you likely already know that you are required to have homeowner’s insurance. If you borrow money from a bank in order to purchase your house, then it is absolutely mandatory that you have insurance covering that property. If you own a home, it may be the greatest asset that you possess, so it is vital to have proper coverage.

Auto Insurance

If you have a car, it is necessary and legally mandated in the United States that you possess auto insurance for your vehicle. If you don’t have auto insurance, and your car is totaled, you may not have the coverage to replace it – and since most people’s commute involves driving, it may be extremely difficult to make a living without one.

The History of MaxCash

The story of our company starts back in 2008 and we’ve only grown stronger in our mission over the last decade. MaxCash was started by a group of friends and family, with backgrounds in finance, who had a passion for helping others. Our founders saw that there was a serious need in the financial industry for transparency and altruistic support, so they decided that they would create their own company to provide the exact things they saw lacking in the industry. We’ve stayed true to that vision from day one.


We don’t simply want to be good at what we do. Here, at MaxCash, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We want to offer you excellent services, excellent advice, and excellent support. We put so much effort into providing excellence into everything we do because that is exactly what our clients deserve.


The value of service greatly reflects our mission. The whole aim of our business model is to help others, we simply want to be of service to anyone and everyone dealing with financial struggles. When you first give us a call, we want you to tell us exactly how we could serve you – how we can make your life easier.


You cannot be expected to get to where you want to go without some encouragement along the way. We want to be cheering you on each step of the way. You need someone to believe in you, someone on your side, in order to stay consistent in your financial goals. We want to provide you with resources and other free services to encourage you.


You may not feel at your strongest when you first come to MaxCash for financial assistance, but we want to help you build your own strength. In order to do that, we must have strength ourselves. Each of our financial advisors have wisdom that they want to share with you so that you can obtain true financial strength.


We are passionate about having employees and clientele that reflect the beautiful diversity of this country. We love working alongside and for all people regardless of age, gender, religion, sexuality, and/or race. We strongly believe that people are shaped by their backgrounds and that individuality is vital to a successful business.


No one can succeed without a proper support system. Some people don’t have that support system in place while others feel they could use an extra dose of support even if they already have it. That’s where MaxCash comes in to support our clients as practically as we can. We know that the more we actively support you, the sooner you’ll reach your goals.


Ever since 2008, we have been working hard to cultivate a deep sense of community among all the employees in our company. Additionally, we want each and every client that we have to feel like a part of that community. We have found that this has caused us to have the most loyal customers around and we love that.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement defines who we are and what we strive to accomplish through MaxCash. To better understand what we stand for as a company, take a look at both our mission statement and our values:


We run MaxCash by the rule that one ought to treat another how one wishes to be treated. We are big believers in the golden rule. We support others in big financial decisions because we wish someone had been there to support us when we were making big financial decisions. We aim to provide you with an abundance of support, resources, and advice that will lead you to a life filled to the brim with financial peace and strength.