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Home Equity Loans use the value of your home to put money in your pocket!

Our Easy Home Equity Loan Process

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Fill out your information online on our homepage, or you can give us a call!

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Talk to your MaxCash representative about your home equity loan options.

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Enjoy the benefits and financial freedom that can come with a home equity loan found through MaxCash!

Use MaxCash to Find Your Home Equity Loan!

We at MaxCash understand that all this information can really sound overwhelming for homeowners. For funding that could really help you, there’s a lot of hoops and hurdles to overcome, and that’s even before you start looking for home equity loans.

So why not just start with this step to avoid all the process and time needed to find home equity loans by giving us a call or going through our online inquiry form here at MaxCash!

Benefits of Choosing MaxCash for your Home Equity Loan Needs

Quick Funding

Receive your home equity loan quickly and efficiently.

Friendly Service

Our informed Loan Processors can help you answer your questions.

Transparent Practices

Have a question? Just ask! We will always do our best to help you find answers.

What You Need to Get Started on Home Equity Loans Through MaxCash

Government Issued Form of Photo ID

Proof of Income

Proof of Homeownership

Current Mortgage Statement

Social Security Number

A Home Appraisal

Home Equity Loans Through MaxCash

MaxCash is a financial servicer who connects borrowers looking for funding with the best possible lender for them. It can take days, or even weeks of research for an individual to investigate all the possible lenders out there. MaxCash has an extended network of multiple reputable lenders available, so all we have to do is find the best one for you.

Important Steps to Take When Getting a Home Equity Loan

Always Ask Questions About Your Loan

Obtain a firm understanding of the points, APR, and closing costs associated with the loan offer. These items are detailed under the Good Faith Estimate, a document that the lender must provide within three days of receiving your loan inquiry.

Choose a Rate Structure that Works for You

Home equity loan rates tend to be structured in two ways: adjustable or fixed. An interest rate with an adjustable loan can fluctuate, which in turn can expose you to the risk of possible increasing costs.

On the other hand. The fixed-rate home equity loans tend to have less risk but can sometimes cost more for homeowners who end up selling in a few years.

Know the Closing Costs For Your Loan

The Good Faith Estimate that we had mentioned also includes a quote on closing costs. Sometimes, the actual costs at closing are often different from those that are displayed on the loan estimate. As a result, most of the fees are assessed by third parties, and therefore not under the lender’s control, which is why it would be essential to also ask your lender how closing cost changes are handled.

MaxCash Wants to Help You Find Home Equity Loans

We at MaxCash consider ourselves the guiding hand that wants to help you on your journey for home equity loans. With years of experience and understanding in a variety of these loans, we don’t just want to educate you in making the right move, we want to give you options that fit under your financial situation.


We strive to become one of the most sought-after providers of loan services in America, that’s why when you need help at any point of getting a home equity loan, you should come to a place that strives for this excellence in financial guidance and services.


We endeavor to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients in all aspects of the loan process. That’s why we work so hard to make sure that you are getting all the information you could possibly get when you work with us at MaxCash.


We promote a positive atmosphere in which all individuals are encouraged to learn, improve and excel and to become leaders in the loan industry, financial services business and civic communities. That encouragement also means you as a customer will be provided with the education and knowledge you could apply on loans that can make you more confident in your ability to deal with all your financial needs.


We conduct our affairs to provide the financial strength and growth necessary to attract and keep the highest quality officers and staff. Not to mention that we need people like them to help the most important part of our MaxCash family: You!


We encourage diversity among our members and respect for differences among us. We embrace all the spectrum of humanity, with highest regard to age, sex, religion, race, and sexuality. We accept everyone and have helped people with financial diversity, and we are willing to be transparent and honest when you need direction and information on loans.


We work hard daily to enhance the supportive attitude, common bond and collective sense of humor to translate it into the support we give you whenever you need it!


We will pursue our belief that individuals with a sense of humor, family, community, and with interests outside the company are better for it. With everyone involved in helping with home equity loans, we consider ourselves one big community that helps anyone and everyone involved in that community, which includes you!

Check Out Some Other Benefits That You Will Have at Your Disposal As a MaxCash Customer:

We guide you to lenders, but we understand that you make the last decision. Here are just the MaxCash advantages you can expect when getting our guidance:

  • Guidance anywhere: Look over our contact information because we are everywhere. Online, over the phone, we make it easy for you to communicate with us.
  • Free customer service: We don’t charge when you ask us crucial questions about loans that you are not sure about.
  • We work with other loan options: If you think we are here for just helping you find a home equity loan, you’re wrong! We do other services and have connections to a variety of lenders for car loans, personal loans, etc. We are the one-stop helper that has done and seen it all!

Home equity loans can be tough to figure out. However, we at MaxCash want you to be happy with a loan while also providing you with the respect and communication services you deserve.

Call us today or stop by our online application to see how we can help you refinance your mortgage!