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Everyone needs a little help putting things into perspective. Let our expertise at MaxCash be your guide.

Our Easy Debt Consolidation and Financial Coaching Process

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What is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching is a way of providing regular (usually one-on-one) sessions with customers to give them performance improvements that allows them to meet goals mutually set between themselves and their “coach.”

Coaching is very different from counseling in that coaches usually have plenty of experience with a situation or know enough about a subject-matter that allows them to lead and encourage. In short, they provide encouragement and monitoring over advice, and do so in a process largely driven by the client.

A coach can provide a much-needed boost to things like self-control, along with the flexibility to change strategies as the customer’s financial situation changes. Coaching is different from counseling or mentoring because it focuses more on ongoing behavior change, executive attention and goal setting, as well as and goal monitoring.

Ways to Consolidate Debt

Transferring debt to a better credit card

MaxCash Offers a credit card with competitive interest rates that we can use to consolidate your debt.

Taking out a debt consolidation loan

Taking out a personal loan found through MaxCash for debt consolidation purposes is a common way to consolidate debt.

Paying back your debt with a consolidation plan

Get your finances back in order. Talk to a MaxCash Representative to see if this option is the best for you!

Examples of Goals made with Financial Coaching

Change financial behavior

Improve financial situations

Achieve customer-defined goals

Facilitate economic decision-making

Who Needs Debt Consolidation?

We at MaxCash believe that people shouldn’t have to deal with debt all on their own. From high income households, to small families, to young adults just starting out, not everyone has the same support when it comes to finances. Whether you have debt coming in from all directions, or just can’t stay on top of all those due dates, debt consolidation might be for you. Staying organized and paying debts under a single payment is most sought after solution. That’s because debt consolidation is a form of debt refinancing that entails taking out one loan to pay off others.

Advantages of Debt Consolidation and Financial Coaching with MaxCash

All credit card debt payments are rolled into one convenient monthly payment

As mentioned before, having multiple payments rolled into one means it can be easier to manage all that debt. Then, that person only has to worry about a single bill payment to cover all of those unsecured debts.

The interest rate applied to your debts is much lower than what you had before

As mentioned before, having multiple payments rolled into one means it can be easier to manage all that debt. Then, that person only has to worry about a single bill payment to cover all of those unsecured debts.

Pay off debts faster and more efficiently with a MaxCash consolidation plan

Since the interest rate become lower from these multiple debts, each payment the borrower makes puts more of a dent into their actual debt. This means that there will likely be less income drained away on added interest charges.

Avoid damages to credit by getting your finances in order through debt consolidation

When consolidating debt, the borrower can stay ahead of their own credit. As a result, they can avoid the potential credit score damage that can come with late or missed payments on debts, or defaulted accounts.

MaxCash Title Loans Wants to Help you With Debt Consolidation and Financial Coaching

Here at MaxCash, we would like our customers to consider us like a neighbor or a close family member. We may always be there when the going gets rough, and we like to give options that could help our customers out of a financial jam. If possible, we at MaxCash could use our bountiful connections to several lenders across the country and offer them based on one’s financial situation.

Now comes the other part of helping our customers. Not only does MaxCash provide online inquiry forms that could help take the loan search out of your hands, we would also like to be hands-on through our own way.

Offering all those financial coaching goals that you had seen above, we want to be sure that when someone gives us a call or contacts MaxCash representatives online, that they are getting the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the world of loans, debts and finances.


We want to be the best financial representative out there and we stride for that every day with great customer service and information that helps people who need that financial understanding, as well as the choices that could be found from debt consolidation loans.


From the search to the final decision, we are there every step of the way!.


We always promote a positive atmosphere within our work space, and we extend that encouragement of positivity to all our customers. With our resources and open communications, we provide that encouragement that could make anyone feel confident when pursuing loans or dealing with a variety of financial situations.


We get the best of the best to help do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to loans and advice that could help anyone in need of our help.


We embrace all in the spectrum of humanity, with highest regard to age, sex, religion, race, and sexuality. We deal with people from various financial backgrounds, and we hope we do our best to help everyone that comes to us!


MaxCash offers real support. Think of us as a friend or a family member that is willing to work for anyone when it comes questions on debt consolidation loans, as well as the process of getting one!


We have partnered with several organizations over the years because we understand that as a growing business, building and encouraging a strong community is what makes us better people. We work harder and communicate with others to create a place of great service and helpful individuals.

We at MaxCash will always continue to adhere our mission of being one human helping another! Apply online through our inquiry or call us today to see how we guide people on to the path of financial coaching and debt consolidation.

Here are some other benefits that you will have at your disposal as a MaxCash customer:

  • Communication through multiple channels: Whether over the phone or online, connect with us so we can help you with whatever financial questions you may have, as well as any financial advice.

  • Customer service you can count on: We have experienced representatives that can get your questions answered about finances or debt consolidation loans.

  • Always there when you need us: We work days and nights to ensure that we are there when we are needed!
  • We don’t just do debt consolidation loans: We have experience in all kinds of loans, and we are happy to offer our guiding hands if someone decides to get other kinds of loans, or just wants to know about finances through our resources!

The best part about all of this is the cost and value of financial coaching and other services through MaxCash won’t hurt anyone’s wallet, because it’s all free! That’s correct! We at MaxCash offer everything one could expect in terms of financial resource articles, communications and loan information without you paying a single penny.