Can I Refinance a Title Loan when I am Unemployed?

February 21, 2019

There are plenty of reasons why someone may want to refinance a title loan. Perhaps some important purchases are coming up, and you’d like to have more pocket money. Refinancing could help you save a little more money.

If you’ve recently become unemployed, you probably need to save more money to get by. Refinancing could help you achieve that. But keep in mind that acquiring a loan is difficult when you’re unemployed, and a refinanced title loan is no exception. Learn how MaxCash could help maximize your chances.

Title Loans Step 1: The MaxCash Inquiry

The title loan refinance process starts with the online inquiry. Go ahead and contact MaxCash one of two ways: call toll-free at (833) 207-9052 or send an email to

A helpful MaxCash agent will ask you for specific information that will aid you in successfully refinancing your loan. That required information will include:

  • Your Location – Nothing specific like a home address, just your zip code, city, and state.
  • Your Contact Information – Your email, phone number, and full name, so that MaxCash or the compatible lender we find for you can contact you.
  • Your Prior Loan’s Information – In order to properly refinance a title loan, your potential future lender will need to know what they’re trying to improve on.
  • Your Income Level – This is where things get tricky. When a borrower is unemployed, chances are that lenders will be a lot stricter when giving approval. Make sure you can demonstrate that you can continue to make monthly loan payments in some way.

Title Loan Step 2: Tracking Down a Lender

Finding a lender willing to work with you when you’re unemployed is a difficult task. But when someone is working with MaxCash to refinance their title loan, all the tedious research work is done for them.

MaxCash will use your location information to find title loan lenders that serve your area. MaxCash will make a case on your behalf and ask if they would like to do business with you.

The title loan lenders will look over your information, and if they’re interested in helping you refinance your title loan, they’ll make an initial loan offer.

Title Loan Step 3: Making a Deal

When making any large financial decision, there’s always a portion of the process that’s dedicated solely to negotiation and bartering. It’s a difficult skill to pick up, especially when arguing from a point of disadvantage, such as unemployment. But with MaxCash, all the haggling is done for you. They’ll ask the tough questions and argue for better terms.

After negotiating with lenders, MaxCash will compare all the loan offers and determine which is the best one for your financial situation. It’s this loan offer that MaxCash will present to you.

Title Loan Step 4: Finding a Connection

Once your lender has been found, it’ll be time for you to meet them so you two can discuss the remaining loan details. Before you can do that though, you’ll need to establish just how communication will go down between you.

You have the option to get in touch with your lender directly over the phone. Or, you may choose to communicate via email with the lender.

Title Loan Step 5: Your Loan, Completed

Once you’ve completed the other four steps in the process, there’s one last thing you’ll need to establish with your lender: how to exchange money. There’s generally three ways you can receive your title loan money.

  1. An In-Person Meeting – This method ensures your funds are delivered on time but requires travel.
  2. A Mailed Check – Doing business through the mail maintains privacy, but timeliness ends up relying on the post office’s reliability.
  3. E-Commerce Websites – This method is quick and private but can be impeded by inconsistent internet connections or outages.

Weigh your situation against these three options, and once you’ve figured out which is best for you, let your lender know and you can proceed. Once you have your funds in hand and your repayment plan set, you’ll be done with the refinance process.

While difficult, refinancing your loan when unemployed is far from impossible, especially with the help of Max Cash. So, what are you waiting for? Join the MaxCash family today and get started with the title loan refinancing process!

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