7 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2023

How Can You Make Extra Money Online?

With a lot of uncertainty in the economy, and dire predictions everywhere, who couldn’t use extra money? And making it completely online from your own house sounds even better. Max Cash has found 7 of the best ways to make money online. If you follow these tips, you can put some extra cash in your pocket to help you weather any storm. Like the recession that may or may not come in 2023, shameless plug to our guide here. But read on so that you can find the best ways to make some extra cash without even leaving your home. They go in order from least effort, experience, and the most online to more requirements and potentially less online.

Completely Online Methods

1. Perform Surveys And Market Research

If you like checking out new things, you can test websites and other digital services. Platforms like UserTesting pay for you to check out a website or something similar and send them a screen recording of it. You may think you have to be tech-savvy but they actually want to know what a regular user would experience.

You can also take surveys though the payout amounts to far less than more involved market research platforms. Even though the time involved equals about the same, in many cases. But it could be considered less effort, although many people feel stressed answering a bunch of questions.

UserTesting is probably the biggest and most accessible way to start making money online. They pay around $10 per test that you complete, which requires a 20-minute screen catpure. So you could make up to $30 an hour, but that is probably not that doable. A lot of people want to complete tests, so you probably won’t get one instantly.

As to how you get started, first, you sign up for what they call a contributor and do a practice test. After you get approved, you’ll get emails about new tests almost immediately. They say new tests are posted daily. You will need a PayPal account to get paid, however. They do not have other payment options at this time.

If you’d rather do surveys, Swagbucks should suit your needs. As one of the biggest paid online survey sites, getting started takes almost no time. But the payouts are far less than what you can make on a site like UserTesting. Most surveys pay $5 or less, though Swagbucks claims to have some that pay over $20. These higher-paying ones require more detail and time, of course. But it can be an option if you need just a little extra. They say you can “reasonably earn an extra $50 to $250” each month. Enough to help but not enough to really depend on. But that is a side hustle for you.

2. Transcribe Online

If you like typing and do it well, you may want to consider online transcriptions jobs. You listen to audio or video recordings and type out what they say. The faster and more accurate you are, the more you can do in less time. Of course, you will improve the more you do it, so you can think of it as an investment in yourself.

Rev.com is one of the biggest sites for online transcription. They make it easy to apply and get started. According to their website, applications take less than an hour. You get paid weekly via PayPal as well, just like UserTesting. You can choose your own schedule, which many like, particularly for a side hustle.

They list two main positions for freelancers on their website. Transcriptionists write a transcript for audio and video recordings. The pay for transcriptionists ranges from $0.30 to $1.10 per audio minute completed. Captioners get paid more at $0.54 to $1.10 per audio minute because they must also describe sounds and sync the typed audio with the video.

Transcribing works great for setting your own schedule with the only time commitment being what you choose to work. So this can be a good option for those that are busy or have unusual schedules.

3. Work As A Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant can put extra money in your pocket without requiring you to leave your home. As long as you have a computer and high-speed internet, you can work as one. It probably won’t replace a full-time position but it can be a lucrative side gig. Virtual assistants provide a variety of services to businesses. These include writing, bookkeeping, social media management as well as general office administration.

The biggest and arguably best platform to work as a virtual assistant is Time etc. They focus more on repeat services rather than one-off jobs. So consider that as a factor when deciding which platform to use. But if you want a consistent side job that pays fairly well, Time etc makes a great choice. They say that pay starts from $13 to $17 an hour and higher. Though they do stress that their service does not replace full-time employment. They mean only to serve as a part-time employer.

With a low barrier to entry and decent pay, this is one of the better ways to make money online. But it is also more like a regular remote job than any of the previous entries on this list. Just keep in mind the pros and cons of working as a virtual assistant. Then you can decide if it is the right move for you.

4. Tutor Online

If you work as a teacher or love teaching, consider working as an online tutor on the side. All you need to own is a computer with a webcam and microphone. Don’t worry, most laptops come with both. And you can buy both fairly cheap if you need. A lot of online tutoring services require either being in college for a bachelor’s or having completed one. Others require only that you prove you are a subject matter expert in the area you want to tutor.

Tutor.com has one of the largest online tutoring platforms and falls under The Princeton Review company. It has a rather intense application process, however. Only about 1% of applicants get accepted to work. But if you do, it is reported that the average earning for tutors exceeds $14 an hour. This pay meets the standard of most other online tutoring services, which average somewhere between $15 and $20 an hour, usually.

Online tutoring sessions usually run about half an hour, though some can be longer. Most services don’t run them longer than an hour if they aren’t around a half hour. But if you like teaching and have or working on getting a degree, this can be a very rewarding side hustle to earn extra money. Not to mention, the experience you’ll gain can improve your resume and future job prospects.

5. Translate Online

This one proves more difficult as a broader recommendation but still. If you know two languages or more, you can find good work as a translator online. Admittedly, that still counts as quite a tall order. That fact makes translation work one of the more lucrative ways to make money online. It’s also one of the least competitive fields, as there just aren’t that many people who can do it. The demand also remains steady for that same reason.

The aptly named Translate.com offers translation services and hires translators to work on a per-job basis. They show average monthly earnings for their translators, depending on the language. These range from $50 to $600 from what they show. Again, not going to replace a full-time job, but this list shows how to make extra money. Though translation work can easily become a well-paying full-time position.

If you are bilingual, translation could easily put extra money in your bank account. You may even use this side gig to find a rewarding new career as well. So put your skills to use and put some cash in your wallet.

Potentially Requires Offline Work

6. Sell Designs And Photos Online

This one can be done completely online, except if you want to sell your pictures. Because you obviously need to actually take photos, and unless you are a Kardashian, no one wants to see just you or the interior of your house. So you may need to go outside in that case. But if you just like making designs or creating images in other ways, you never need to get off the couch.

A good place for both is Creativemarket.com, which allows you to open a shop with them. It is a large marketplace that gives you access to a broad range of customers. Best of all, they don’t require exclusivity to sell with them and you set your own prices. One of their shop owners has made over a million dollars selling through them. Though this is clearly an exception and most won’t be that successful.

The biggest place for photographers to sell would still definitely be Shutterstock. Founded 20 years ago, Shutterstock remains one of the biggest marketplaces for photographs on the internet. They brag that they have paid over $1 billion dollars to their contributors in just the last fifteen years. So if you are a shutterbug, you can make some extra money selling your photos online.

These methods are harder and require potentially more offline work than others. But both of these could also easily turn from a side hustle into a new career. Just like translation work, if you have a passion for it, you could go from making extra cash to making a living.

7 Freelance And Side Gigs

The last one on the list also could require more in-person work than strictly online. In this case, you can choose but you may need to physically meet or do things outside of your house. It depends on what field and what you want. But this makes another good way to earn some more cash online.

Options abound for this tip. From the platform you want to use to what gigs you want to do, the world is your oyster. You can do writing, web design, coding, and almost anything you can think of that someone might want. Fiverr largely started the quick gig app and remains a top choice. You have to advertise yourself and it can be hard to establish yourself in a saturated market.

FlexJobs advertises itself as the number one site to find remote jobs. It works in largely the same manner as being a virtual assistant in a previous tip. The number of tasks you can perform varies wildly, as does the pay. But it is remote online work available quickly and easily. The perfect combination for someone seeking extra cash from a side hustle.

Other options remain available beyond these as well. With a little research and some thought, you can find the perfect side hustle for you. That way, you’ll put some cushion between you and financial difficulties. Most of these options also make for great additions to your resume to help you get a better full-time job.

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